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If you have chosen us – You have chosen professionals. We have been treating patients using BICOM Bioresonance for over 18 years. We have helped over many patients from London and surrounding areas. Our equipment is regularly calibrated and serviced by manufacturer to ensure that we provide highest standard of treatment. Our therapist attend various trainings to ensure we can answer all of our patients questions. We lead active and healthy lifestyle in peace and harmony to which we would like to help you achieve as our operational goal. We are always happy to help and advise.

BICOM LONDON takes a completely new look at diagnosing your health and wellbeing. We treat various illnesses and health problems using state of the art equipment and experience of natural medicine. Anyone can take advantage of bioresonance from toddlers to seniors. The only contra-indication is pregnancy and cardiac pacemaker.

We work on the latest generation of Bicom Optima apparatus.

It is the beginning of the new era in bioresonance treatment. (By Hans Brugeman – About Bioresonance Therapy)

Bioresonance therapy in London

Biophysical BRT method is a non invasive and painless method of treating different illnesses to include many where conventional medicine and pharmacy are helpless or do not bring the desired effect. Therapies are selected individually to each and every patient, the therapy is divided in phases where each takes from few minutes to tens of minutes. A lot of treatments can be done in one session like allergy and intolerance treatments, hay fever or cessation of nicotine addiction. It is not required to stop any conventional methods of treatment of ongoing illness or to stop taking prescribed medications. Bioresonance allows not only to identify the allergens triggering the reaction but to treat them by desensitization that are not achievable in great majority in conventional medicine. Bioresonance also allows to remove from the body many difficult to treat or medication resistant viruses and bacteria and also part of the parasites without the need of any medication. This is done by delivering to the body bioresonance frequencies in few sessions that the body itself eliminates the pathogen using it’s own immune system.

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