The picture of allergy might be different for everyone and the reactions might be different as well. FOOD RELATED ALLERGY – The main symptoms are visible on skin in areas of ears, chicks, and near joints. It can also cause gastrial problems like diarrhea, vomiting, drowsiness, constipation and in rear cases death.


Allergens that enter the body trough oral route triggering allergenic reaction are called Fodd Related Alergies. These are foods and ingridients but also chemical additives in food. Reactions vary from very mild rash to a severe swelling. In 20% of the cases oral route is usually badly affected as a first contact surface with the allergen. First foreign element entering our body is protein as a main nutrition element of baby’s food. The second one is wheat found in many baby meals. Eggs are also commonly found to be triggering early allergenic reactions. Symptoms often cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

food allergy
aero allergy


Allergens causing immune system to react by accesing the body trough respiratory route we call Aero-allergens. The main ones are flower and tree pollens, spores, moulds, animal fur and dust. All of these can be commonly found in the air we breathe and trough this allow them acces to our body. Allergenic reaction is triggered by contact with mucous membranes. Most typical of reactions include eye irritation, tears, swelling of eyes and nose, runny or dry nose, dry cough. One of the most common Aero-allergies is Hay Fever which is simply high pollen content intolerance appearing in blooming seasons. Aero-allergens often cause increased heart beat rate and blood circulation issues. In extreme cases these conditions can lead to asthma and breathing difficulties.


Skin allergies can appear as a rash in direct contact with allergen. Urticaria often appears but it is extremely hard to distinguish which allergens can be at cause. If the urticaria is only appearing locally there is a good chance it has appeared trough direct contact with the allergen. If the allergen has accessed the blood vessels the urticaria may appear as a general condition.

General urticaria is often caused by medicines and foods. This skin symptom may develop over a prolonged period of time and over whole body even if it’s mild. It usualy appears immidietley and goes after a few days but in severe cases can lst even for weeks. Dermatitis till today is treated as illness with no definitive cause as this can rarely be traced as distinguishes all symptoms of allergy. Prollonged allergies can cause serious ilnesses and it is important to tackle the symptoms. We are able to establish most of the allergens triggering the allergenic reaction and trat them trough bioresonance with great rate of sucess. Depending on severancy and appearance of allergen in the invironment this may require 1 to 3 treatments. Allergy is an illness that do not have to learn to live with, we can treat it and provide better quality of life!

skin allergy

Allergies cause a number of symptoms like:

Anaphylactic shock

Abdominal issues (IBS, diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation)

Rash or abscesses


Cracking skin

Swelling of hands and face


Hay feever

Itching of throat

Allergy tests

In our facility we are performing painless and non invasive computer allegy tests. The test takes about 40 minutes and it’s results thanks to authomatic signaliation are know immediately. These can be performed without any side effects on children or even babies. During standard visit we test reaction to 90 basic allergens present in our environment. There is also possibility to carry our tests for substances individually delivered to which there is a high risk. For example cosmetics and detergents. Patient should not consume any alcohol on the day of the visit and refrain from any anti-allergenic or anti-histamine medications for 2 weeks before the visit. We also carry out painless aero-allergen tests for presence of the allergy triggering allergens. There is no needles involved and the tests are non invasives. The test are carried out by punctoscope connected to BICOM Bioresonance equipment. It’s ultra sensitive tip is applied to specific point on the body to test reaction on the specific allergen. Tests are dependant on severity of the allergenic reactions and tailored to patients needs.

Allergy treatment

Bioresonance is an excellent method of treating allergies. Medicine defines allergies as biochemical processes taking place in the body. In reality it has been proven that before the body will start responding to allergens it need to be heavily “polluted” to create biochemical reactions. As definition it is also described that the immune system is reacting to allergens in different ways depending on severity of pollution. Bicom is using non potential liquidated allergen and therefore can measure the bodys response rate to test the frequency and then is able to revert it in patients body to allow immune system to stop reacting on allergens. BICOM is restoring body’s tollerances to allergens and therefore contact with the substance can be restored with no effect on the body. Often to prolong the success it is required to repeat the therapy number of times, sometimes it is important to change some of the patient’s dietary habbits to ensure success. There is no side effects and the success rate is incredibly high. Some of the treatments need to be postponed due to blooming of flowers or trees to ensure there is no exposure to allergen.

Rules of the correctly performed allergy tests

Min. week grace period without antihistamines (if not the grace desensitization is also effective for a shorter time)

Computer tests,

Central finding of allergens which include cow's milk, wheat, dust mites,

Desensitization to pollen is carried out according to the calendar, or in the autumn and winter, you can also desensitize during the pollen season, unless there is a fixed effect for only a few weeks, then we do after the dust free re-desensitization,

Min. week period of grace before the total desensitization to milk, wheat, white, yolk, 2 or 3 times desensitization to dust and allergens listed above, once desensitization to the other allergens.

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