BICOM Bioresonance has been equipped by manufacturers in 2000 various treatment programs of varying oscilating frequencies, different linear timings and places of electrode applications.

It is totally understandable that thanks to choosing correct programs bioresonace therapy is employed to deal with many illnesses, afflictions and health problems. During one session taking 25-30 minutes whole body is subjected to at least 3 different programs achieving apart of the targeted part effect on whole body to ensure highest efficiency and rapid recovery.

BICOM has been built by two genius minds and Nobel prize winners doctor F.Morell and profesor H.Brugemann. In their model of bioresonace therapy they have used all aspects of physiological and patological oscilations of the human tissues.

Physiological oscilations direct and coordinate chemical reactions, growing and regeneration processes, hormonal productivity and metabolism. Pathological in turn try to disturb it.

Source of pathological issues might be: untreated inflamations, viruses, bacteria and their toxines, enviromental poisons. The purpose of the bioresonance treatment is then to reduce pathological informations in the body and to amplify the physiological oscilations. During the electromagnetic impulse the intensity of the electromagnetic field is increased to allow impulses flow through the body creating mirroring effect causing in regenerated cells waiting for own reactions. Healing is achieved by applying to the body chosen frequencies that will regulate the healing process and restore correct functions. The outcome is stable reduction of the symptoms and return to healthy stage.

Uses of bioresonance


Hay fevers and allergies are most commonly associated with sneezing, itching of the eyes and breathing difficulties, where it is the upper pulmonary system that is the most often attacked by allergens. To group of those symptoms we can include sinusitis and bronchitis that can be potentially fatal if untreated.

Thanks to it’s success rate and acceptation from therapeutic specialists desensitization by bioresonance became popular and created a lot of interest from patients resulting in increased interest in this method. It is associated with the fact that the amount of people affected by allergies increases year on year with little effect seen from conventional medicine.


Most people want to reject any suggestions that they could be a carrier of parasites. This problem is also ignored by many of specialists, in reality majority of population (around 6 billion people) is infected with parasites. There is many parasites that could infest human body: thread worm, human worm, tapeworm, trichina worm, protozoa. Most often parasites can be found in the intestines.


Intestinal nematodes called also ascaris can be found in lungs and intestines. Eggs of those parasites are incredibly resistant to high and extremely low temperatures. The infection takes place trough contaminated food.

Thread worms

They usually appear at young children and are very difficult to control and treat without bioresonance treatment. Those worms can be found in large bowel. An adult thread worm moves towards the anus where it lies thousands of eggs. Those eggs often can be transferred on to hands and causing further contamination. Additionally eggs in fecal matter can live in the external environment up to few months. Avoiding hand contact with mouth, cleanliness of hands and manicure are of utmost importance when fighting thread worm infection.

Hook worm

Those parasites live in lower intestine and suck out the blood of the carrier causing anaemy. Hook worms live in the soil and are capable of penetrating healthy skin of the bare feet. The best method of avoiding contamination is to wear appropriate footwear in areas where those have been identified.


Those worms can be ingested by drinking water of unknown source or eating raw fish or meat or bathing in contaminated lake or pond. Flukes can cause cancer of the organs that they will infect.

Bioresonance therapy in London

We have the newest generation of Bicom Optima apparatus. It is the beginning of the new era in bioresonance treatment.

BRT method is an excellent way of treating allergies. At the moment in medicine the only alternative is biochemical ingerence.

Bioresonance therapy is recomeded for


Sun allergy


Anxiety disorder, depression & neurosis

Skin problems

Duodenal ulcer

Imflamatory bowel disease (enteritis)

Cardiovascular disease

Hormonal imbalance (thyroid disease)

Nocturnal enuresis


Immunological problems

Metabolism problems


Imflamation of urinary system

Pneumonia & inflamation of airways (bronchitis)

And many others

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